Dota 2 Counter Pick Strength Heroes Part two

Dota 2 Counter Pick Hero List Part 2

Dota 2 Dragon Knight Vs Sven Wallpaper

Hello guys , Here we go again . Another list of Dota 2 Counter Pick Hero . Did you read Counter Hero List Part 1 ? already ? At 1 april , Joindota was announce on their official website that Valve will release the new heroes ZHU Monkey King Brother . 

But, thats all only for april mob jokes . So we cant see Monkey king brother in Dota 2 World .
Talk About Dota2 Counter Pick Heroes  . Bloodseeker is one of the best heroes that very good to counter almost all heroes . 

Lets go to Strength Hero Part 2 :

Rexxar Counter Hero

Rexxar has grown into a warrior at one with nature's savagery . Before he became the master of wildnature life . He was the animals killer once , and then he change after fall in love with 1 animals called ngok ngok Called as BOAR . This guy is sick loves to hide in the trees , and use hawk as his spy .
What is the Counter Hero of this savagery ? :

  • Storm Spirit (use remnant to detect , and ball lightning to catch)
  • Bat Rider (simply burn the treeesss)
  • Monkey King (jumpp)
  • Timber Saw (cuttttttt the tressssssss)
Dragon Knight Davion Counter Hero

Davion is The Handsome Man, He is win a battle over Slyrak the Eldwurm . The Dragon Race in Dota 2 World . He has been bound his blood with slyrak since the mighty Eldwurm death in battle with Davion . Now he has the breath of Fire , Ice and Poison . This guy is very strong and hard to kill . His Dragon blood makes his armor even stronger as the levels he got in games .
What is The Counter Hero for This bad ass dragon ?

  • Naix (Nasty Feast all the big blood)
  • Ursa Warrior (Fuzzy wuzzyyy )
  • Ancient Apparition (Ice Blasttt)
  • Necrophos (Of course his aura and ultimate)

Clockwerk Counter Hero

Clockwerk is the Rattletrap , he is the son of the son of clockmaker . He is the real artist of head banging . Even if you near him , your head will twerking and feel pain in the ass . So what time it is ? .... Clockwerk TIME!

What is the Counter Hero for this Artist ?

  • Naix (Just rage and hit)
  • Huskar (burn burn burn)
  • Ember Spirit (His twerking doesnt effect any damage to ember flame guard)
  • Storm Spirit (Melee heroes will cry to fight agains static remnant)
On early games , is not Clockwerk Time ! If he fight agains one of those heroes . 

Omniknight Counter Hero

Omniknight was a member of boyband before he come to dota 2 . And then one of the member are trying to seduce him . He was surprised and then decided to leave the boyband . After that he come to Dota 2 World as the most handsome guy . Eventho , he is still very humble , Loves to Heal and Protect specially the the girls even the carries.  You cannot easily kills the enemy in his guard . He is the guardian of angels .

What is the Counter Hero for the Guardian ?

  • Storm Spirits (Initiate first !)
  • Doombringer (DOOOM)
  • Silencer (SHUT UP!)
  • Spectre (Haunt to initiate and broke the enemy position)
With diffusal blade, you'll able to kill this guardian . Remember , these Counter pick only a suggestion based on how weak this hero agains The Counter Heroes List . To win the game is depend on how you execute the games .

Will update soon Part three . Hope this list can help you to raise more MMR .
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