Easy way to win 3k-4k MMR Dota 2 Ranked Games

Dota 2 Ranked Games Guide to win 3k-4k MMR

Hello mate , here we go again . whats up there ? did you make it to 3k MMR ? Click on How to win 2k-3k MMR Games . Hope all the guide will work for you guys :D .  Oke now we continue working to gain MMR to reach 4k MMR .

As i said before on 2k-3k mmr games guide ,Counter Hero is the key to win the game and still work on 4k ranked games . But in this rate , We need more than just Counter picking the enemy .  First the we need the most is GIRLFRIEND . Wait im joking ,....

On the way to 4k MMR is :

4k ranked games guide
Train to BUSAN 4k
Playing MMR games is like arguing with GF , when you keep replying whatever she said . You are going to crush your self in to deep INFERNO . Same thing with playing MMR . Because we may already know that too many trashtalker in games .  Thats why we need to stay calm and keep playing the game .

Oke i said before , all we need the most is Girlfriend im serious , Because every little shit we've done she will notice it and will complain , even if you are too long at  toilet . Now  we got the point , all of her report is what is wrong with our self . To make our relationship better . 

Oke back to Doto , Consider all the trashtalker as your girlfriend . Notice all what they said about what is wrong with your plays . Sometimes , our item build , movement, response , skill . They will complain almost everything . Just take  the good point , what thing is missing from your dota 2 skills .

So you can improve your skills , more better . And the trashtalker will stay behind  . Dont need to take them seriously . Oke if you can manage those things , i guess now you are the guy that afraid to your girlfriend xD .

I've a friend 8k MMR and then when i play ranked he was playing with boosted account, and tell me who he is when we play in same team .i ask him "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE" , then he reply simply like a boss "IM BOOSTING MOTHERFUCKER" . What? oke , than this will be an easy game .

By playing with him i try to look to how he play , his item build , his movement , i watch everything . The different with those 6kMMR above is , They have patient , excellent map control , game sense , skill build , farming skills , and playstyle .

Using Shadow Fiend In first 5 minutes he got ganked by three heroes , and then died and giving first blood to enemy , My team start blame him . But he still FOCUS on his games, dont really care what the hell people talk about him . Then after that , at minutes 20 he got Shadow Blade and Dragon Lance .

Since he got items , he start to roam all lane , Top botom mid , mid botom top , botom top mid . anywhere , he fucked up the enemy like, i dont know what to say . The game ended at minutes 30 .
I dont really know whats happening , but thats really crazy . Even i was still trying to get some items , but he just destroy the enemy .

So the things we need to learn is :

  1. Patient
  2. Map control
  3. Skill Build
  4. Farmking Skills


Not only being patient with the trashtalker , but while we playing  we need to be patient to harras , last hit , even if it needs  we dont need to show on map . Because the enemy keep on aiming on you .
(Let me ask you, how many times that you whining in game when the enemy keep aiming on you . Or sometimes you'll chat "you like me ? or Fuck you stop aim me " .) We can try to guessing where's the enemy , and avoid ganking .Sometimes we just farm on Jungle , dont need to show on map  and avoid all the ganking . 

Map Control

Oke , if we have patient in game , now try to improve your map control . The things why we need to keep looking at minimap is . We can know the enemy position and then we can read or assume  how they gank and move . Even we can counter them if we know which lane they started to gank .  This is the best trick to avoid ganking .

3.Skill Build

The best skill build is by experience . Because , every ranked games has a different playstyle and enemies/Allies stupidity . For example , when you play invoker . You are playing Exort . But your allies dont want to gank, all they did only farm . And then all you can do also farm . (but if all farm, no one initiate / gank or do something to get objective . how you can win ?)

But for more suggestion , we can learn by wathcing some pros ranked games while they online stream , or https://www.dotabuff.com/heroes .

4. Farming Skills

Knows what rate your farming skill , if its bad try to play support / offlaner . Dont force yourself to play carry . But if you want to learn you can improve it . First things that we need to know is , how to get farm more effective , and keep you on safety farm .

  • Last hit
  • Lane Control
  • Map Control
You can get farm by only get lasthit , and then denied the creeps so your farming lane is not far away from tower besides denied the creeps  makes your opponent get less EXP  (this plan makes you more safety from ganking and harras) . specially for hardcarry on safelane this is very important . And can help you to control your lane . 

Dont forget to keep your attention on minimap , so you know when to push , or defend . For example.
When you play Hardcarry on safelane , then the enemy are pushing midlane . You dont need to keep your creeps stay close to the tower .  Just fast kill all the creeps and try to get tower . I've meet this kind of carry , knows only farming but dont know how to control his lane .  

Those 4 important things you need to improve . if you want to get higher MMR , even more than just 4k MMR bro . I've try this , and able to reach 4.5k MMR . And when i get that MMR i become so arrogant , play what ever i want (i think that the game will be easy) and then kill my own MMR . Now back to 4k ROFL(joking xD) .

So this is the secret to get 4k MMR :

  • Hero Suggestion SF ,LC (Fast get shadow blade for SF , Dagger for LC)
  • Get objective 
Those 4 tricks you can use if you are already really good on SF or LC . You can get to 4k easily and more faster . 

Others is :
  1. Playing support in this rate is important .
  2. Ganking and Destroy the enemy (if you can get 1 people and keep killing him, their team will trashtalking and blame ) 
  3. Be wise to choose big WAR (if your enemy has good combo wombo, try to split them)
  4. Buy important items , specially if you use carry like Jugger , Slark or PA .
  5. If you play support , keep on guarding your carry instead of farming .
  6. Never gank alone if your enemy is missing from the map .
  7. Suggestion support heroes (Rubick , Ogre magi, Silencer , Disruptor)
  8. Suggesiton for core heroes (Jugger , Slark , Antimage ,PA)

I think thats all , but if you have any question, feel free to rampage on commend section below . Goodluck with your ranked days bro . 
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