Dota 2 Match Prediction Main Event Day 1 The International 2017

Match Prediction The International 2017

The International Group Scoreboard
Group Scoreboard

The International 2017 Group Stage has ended And now we are heading to the Main Event .
Whats make me sad is Favs team like OG will face the rest of the tournament in lower bracket because they didnt do really well at Group Stage .
Another story from SEA TEAM , Fnatic Has finish their journey at The International 2017 . Same Thing with Hellraiser in their first The International .

Pinoy Teams will be represent SEA at The International 2017 . Team TNC and Execration . Hopefully they can play their best and make SEA DOTO PROUD .

so here we go the prediction . a bit difficult to predict at the group stage.  I hope this Prediction will correct and give us the BUGGATI .

The International Main Event Prediction
Main Event Match day 1

Team Liquid vs Invictus Gaming 
Game 1 : F10k to Team Liquid Match winner (Liquid)
Game 2 : F10k to Team Invcitus Gaming Match winner (Team Liquid)

Newbee vs Evil Geniuses
Game 1 : F10k to Newbee Match Winner (Newbee)
Game 2 : F10k to Newbee : Match Winner (EG)
Game 3 : F10k to EG Match Winner (EG)

Team Secret vs Execration 
Game 1 : F10k to Execration Match Winner (Execration)

Cloud9 vs Empire
Game 1 : F10k to Cloud9 Match Winner (Cloud9)

OG vs Infamous 
Game 1 : F10k to OG Match Winner (OG)

Remember this is only predictions , the final choices is up to you . Watch the game , and make different choice after the game 1 if the prediction went wrong  . for BO 3 match .
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