Eternal "Sama" Envy and Pieliedie Joins Fnatic New Roster

POST The International 2017 Players Shuffle

The International 2017 maybe the best of all the international . So many surprises comes from the "darkhorses" . Comes with not really good performance , suddenly in the main stage kicked out some big Teams , that maybe some of you predicted to win this TI .

Dota 2 Players EternalEnvy
Abit surprised , Envy are joining Team Fnatic this Years  with PieLieDie . They will come to Malaysia  and will compete on SEA region . The Good thing is , probably most of the fans at SEA that wants to flame EE sama now can directly go to Malaysia and talkshit to him . Kidding, he is one of the best players in the planet that able to play in The International Stage . 

Dota 2 Fnatic
Team Fnatic
So, hopefully best of luck for team Fnatic this years . 
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